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Inspiring Places

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Public Realm

Public realm is where public life takes place; everyday spaces where people meet, pass through, live, work, relax and play.

Groundwork is passionate about creating quality, imaginative and functional solutions for all facets of public realm design, benefiting the local communities these spaces serve and providing wider environmental benefits such as increased biodiversity and rain water management.

We believe in creating multi-functional spaces which are informed by local need, historic character, local identity and environmental characteristics to produce places with a strong sense of identity where people want to live, work and play.

We find a balance between retaining and enhancing the rich and diverse qualities of the existing landscape, recycling and reusing where this best meets need. All our designs consider the need for flexibility, long life and low maintenance.

We want all neighbourhoods to have public spaces in which they can be proud and which make people feel better.

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Parks & Play

Parks provide us with vital green breathing spaces, a place to relax and watch the world go by, to perform physical activity whether that be a game of football or to walk a dog, a safe place where children and young people can play and a place where our wildlife; flora and fauna can flourish.

Groundwork has a wealth of experience in park and play area design, our community focused approach ensures a real sense of ownership with end users. We ensure our play area designs include play opportunities for all age ranges and abilities to stimulate physical action and social interaction. We create play landscapes which provide natural play challenges combined with traditional play experiences.

Getting communities active in their green spaces is vital to improving health and well-being, providing out door gyms and sport facilities ensures these needs are met.


Capturing the spirit of a place and realising its full potential is what we do. Analysing and understanding the past; observing and questioning the present and inspiring and creating the future. Our heritage both natural and man-made is fundamental to who we are and the way we live, so preserving, maintaining and enhancing our heritage landscapes and features is vital if we are to improve the health and well-being of our communities and wider environmental ecosystems.

Groundwork has experience of transforming heritage landscapes back to their former glory and of preserving, restoring and enhancing heritage features both natural and man-made to create places of the future with a real sense of identity.

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Regeneration & Redevelopment

Sustainable regeneration is required to meet the current needs of society without compromising the needs of future generations and the health and stability of the natural environment. Groundwork understands the importance of sustainability and seeks to integrate this through every aspect of project delivery from the operational side of our own organisation to the selection and sourcing of materials. We deliver a whole solution approach meeting the needs of people, land, water and wildlife to create functioning, practical solutions with good design at the heart of everything we do.

Groundwork communicates with the local community, the land owner, planning and other statutory bodies to ensure needs are met, regulations adhered to and the most creative, inspirational and sustainable solution is achieved. We secure funding to enable potential to become reality, providing for the needs of the future, retaining the essence of place and conserving resources for future generations.

Natural Environment

Healthy natural environments are essential for our native flora and fauna, having contact with nature is vital for the health and well-being of people. This connection has been lost to some of our most deprived communities; Groundwork seeks to re connect people through the creation of new natural environments, the expansion and enhancement of existing natural environments and the restoration of neglected natural environments. Incorporating adaptations to combat climate change runs through the heart of all our projects, increasing biodiversity, managing rainwater runoff on site, improving water quality, providing and connecting habitats. Whatever the scale, Groundwork seeks to maximise opportunities for wildlife, educate and encourage access for local communities, and increase the green infrastructure within our towns and cities.

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Groundwork Greater Nottingham is the trading name of the Greater Nottingham Groundwork Trust Ltd, a charity registered in England and Wales; number 1003426. Registered address: Unit A, Tennyson Hall, Forest Road West, Nottingham. NG7 4EP.

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