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Day Brook Restoration: Thackeray's Lane, Arnold

  • General Design

    General Design

What we are doing:                                                         

The Restoration Project is part of a wider a vision to improve the quality of our Rivers, Streams and Brooks for:

  • Water Quality
  • Ecology
  • Flood Risk
  • Access
  • Amenity
  • Angling

The Day Brook runs along the Western boundary of Thackeray’s Lane Park is one of the few sections of the Brook in Gedling that has not been culverted through underground pipes. However the brook has previously been modified to form a straight, uniform channel with hard vertical banks. The previous condition of the Brook is poor with failing river banks and heavily shaded sections prevented the colonisation by animals and plants. The brook attracted debris and failed to contribute towards a good quality green space which can be enjoyed by the local community.

 How Will The Project Achieve These Outcomes:

  • Water Quality: Vegetated shallow banks and reed-bed planting will encourage the uptake of pollutants discharged from surface water outfalls into the Brook.
  • Ecology: Establishment of new vegetation, and a more diverse river bed will encourage greater diversity of plants, animals and invertebrate species.
  • Flood Risk: The project will improve the connection of the Brook to the flood plain and increase the retention of flood water’s within the park.
  • Access: The restoration project will re-align the river channel enabling it to meander further into the park whilst softening the river banks. Two bridges will be constructed enabling people to get closer the Dad Brook.
  • Amenity: The project will improve the aesthetics of the Brook through the park and enhance the overall experience of visiting this recreation space.
  • Angling: This section currently has limited potential for supporting fish life due to the culverts up and down stream. However we hope that further projects will eventually increase the fish population in the Brook.

 How is the Project Funded:

The project is a true partnership between the following partners who are contributing both financially and with technical support to the development and delivery of the project:



Cash Contribution (£)

Groundwork Greater Nottingham

Project Lead – Development / Design and Management of the Project.


Environment Agency

Technical Guidance and support.


Nottingham County Council

Flood Risk and Local Improvement Scheme funding.


Gedling Borough Council

Land owner and ongoing site management and maintenance.





 Project Duration:              The project commences on the 3rd March for 8 weeks

Landscape institue registered practice

Groundwork Greater Nottingham is the trading name of the Greater Nottingham Groundwork Trust Ltd, a charity registered in England and Wales; number 1003426. Registered address: Unit A, Tennyson Hall, Forest Road West, Nottingham. NG7 4EP.

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